Read on to find out three effective joomla website design improvements that can significantly reduce bounce rates and help you to compete effectively online.

If visitors bounce off your web pages in under a minute or leave your website after viewing just one page, it can mean either of the two things. Either your web pages needs to be redesigned such that it appeals to your customers or your SEO needs to be tweaked to target the right audience.

Joomla is one of those few website design and development platforms that allow deep customization, supports advance content management capabilities and has built-in SEO features.

Here are five things you can do to attract and retain customers on your Joomla website.

1. Get custom templates: The web is filled with readily available Joomla templates. It is however, strongly recommended that you engage a joomla website design expert to create customized template for your website. Large banner image that directly talks about what you deal in along with effectively texted tabs contributes to a great user experience. Visitors get to know about your offerings quickly. This improves the chances of interested visitors viewing more pages and eventually placing an inquiry.

2. Convert PSD to joomla template: Here’s a quick test of the user experience of your website. Check your website on multiple browsers. Does it look exactly the same on all the browsers? If no, you need to covert the PSD images into joomla template compatible. This will give pixel perfect joomla website design no matter which browser your customers choose to use.

3. Balance out content-image layout: Are your web pages pelting visitors with information or are they anemic of content customer needs before buying from you? In either of the situations you need to revise the content structure on your web pages. Joomla CMS development tools allow for do it yourself editing. Organize text as well as multimedia rich content on your web pages with drag and drop feature.

Do you know some tips and tricks that have helped you reduce bounce rate on your Joomla website? Comment below and share it with our growing community of readers.  

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