No matter whether yours is an eStore or a charity website seeking donations online, here are four things you should look for in your website.

Designing a website from ground up can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are new to it and have no technical background. It’s true that your website design should be esthetically appealing. However, there are certain elements of website design that doesn’t meet the eye but are critical to the success of your online venture. Read on to find out four things that make your website compete successfully on the web.     

1. CMS:  Imagine this, you just found out that on your apparel eStore, the link to men shirts is wrongly linked to kid’s apparel. No matter how beautifully and creatively your website is designed, it will give your visitors a hitch while browsing. That’s why you need an appropriate content management system or CMS which gives you complete control of every aspect of your website. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are some CMSs that can be used to manage web content without much technical knowledge.

2. SEO friendly: Being on the first page of search engines is extremely important for eCommerce websites. Speak to your website developer about keeping the web design as per the guidelines of search engines and integrating SEO modules to your website. This will improve visibility among target customers.  

3. Convert traffic: You have a website and receive decent traffic volumes, but how many of them actually buy from you? This is called conversion rate. Make sure that the inquiry form or the buy now tabs are conveniently placed to increase your chances of turning browsers into buyers.   

4. User experience: Website design goes beyond just being visually attractive. Large flash banners may look welcoming but it can slow down your website and give hutchie user experience. Your visitors will be searching some sort of information on your website, try to make the browsing experience a smooth sail.

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Read on to find out three effective joomla website design improvements that can significantly reduce bounce rates and help you to compete effectively online.

If visitors bounce off your web pages in under a minute or leave your website after viewing just one page, it can mean either of the two things. Either your web pages needs to be redesigned such that it appeals to your customers or your SEO needs to be tweaked to target the right audience.

Joomla is one of those few website design and development platforms that allow deep customization, supports advance content management capabilities and has built-in SEO features.

Here are five things you can do to attract and retain customers on your Joomla website.

1. Get custom templates: The web is filled with readily available Joomla templates. It is however, strongly recommended that you engage a joomla website design expert to create customized template for your website. Large banner image that directly talks about what you deal in along with effectively texted tabs contributes to a great user experience. Visitors get to know about your offerings quickly. This improves the chances of interested visitors viewing more pages and eventually placing an inquiry.

2. Convert PSD to joomla template: Here’s a quick test of the user experience of your website. Check your website on multiple browsers. Does it look exactly the same on all the browsers? If no, you need to covert the PSD images into joomla template compatible. This will give pixel perfect joomla website design no matter which browser your customers choose to use.

3. Balance out content-image layout: Are your web pages pelting visitors with information or are they anemic of content customer needs before buying from you? In either of the situations you need to revise the content structure on your web pages. Joomla CMS development tools allow for do it yourself editing. Organize text as well as multimedia rich content on your web pages with drag and drop feature.

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Are you in doubts whether to spend on developing mobile responsive website or not? Here are five compelling benefits of mobile responsive websites and how it improves profitability of your business.

For all those of you who are new to mobile responsive websites and need the buzz word translation, here’s what it means. Interface of the website adapts to the framework of the mobile device it is accessed on. This makes browsing on the small screen of phones more convenient and user friendly. Let’s quickly get on to the amazing benefits your company gets by developing a mobile responsive website.  

Benefit #1 Deepen your reach: Phones with internet connection have radically disrupted the long established pattern of surfing on laptops and PCs. Now there are significantly more people browsing the web on their phone. Mobile adaptive website help you broaden you reach to wider customer base and tap into the wide pool of mobile users.

Benefit #2 Keep customers engaged: Say, you own a fashion accessory online store. Your customers can check out the latest deals, share it with friends and make purchases even when stuck in a traffic jam or while walking their dog. Your products appear pixel precise and the shopping experience is smooth and flawless, no matter which phone your customers use.

Benefit #3 Increase average order size: By giving customers more ways to connect with your business, you increase their convenience. More touch-points translate into more sales per customer. It’s as simple as that. Experienced website development company can significantly improve the interface of your mobile responsive website for ease of use.   

Benefit #4 Branding: Anything extra you do to improve customer experience or give them more convenience, eventually creates a positive impression about your company. A website development company with deep knowledge of customers’ purchasing patterns will benefit you beyond your imagination. You can go one step advance and develop a custom mobile app that smartly promotes your brand and keeps customers engaged.

Benefit #5 Stride ahead of competition: Mobile responsive website is gaining popularity. Mobile commerce or mCommerce is slated to be the next big revolution after eCommerce which limits shopping through PC and laptop. Being among the early adopters of this technology will give your business the early bird advantage.   

Bonus Benefit it’s very affordable: Cross platform mobile website recognizes the platform it is accessed from and the website interface adjusts to it. Simply get a mobile version of your website developed on any suitable mobile cross platform and you instantly tap into the users of iPhone, iPad users, android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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Wondering what is it that customers look in for while browsing through a website? Here’s your chance to take a peek into the minds’ of website visitors.

First impression lasts long: Imagine this. Your website is on page one of Google. An interested customer just clicked on your site. It’s loading. And finally when it opens up, there are jazzy images all over the page and gaudy content. The visitor is overwhelmed with sharp color scheme and decides to quit. You just lost a potential customer. Website is the first interface for the customers with your company. A ‘welcoming’ web page design is appreciated by a majority of them.

Words matter: Do you have information of real value to your web visitors or are you simply lauding your capabilities and wasting their time? If you’ve got your SEO right, it’s highly likely that most of the visitors to your site are genuinely interested to buy the services or products you offer. Take help from an experienced website design company to organize your content layout and assess the quality of the content on your website. A word of caution- no matter how tempting it is, avoid throwing in industry jargons.

Intuitive browsing: If your customers are unable to find what they are looking for, they are obviously not buying from you. Whether yours is an online auction portal or an event registration site, keep your web design user friendly. Professional website design services from experienced website design company gets you smartly texted tabs arranged properly to make navigating through your website a breeze.  

Want to delve deeper into the online buying patters of your customers? Use website analytics. It will give you deep insights into how visitors respond to your website and also highlight the problem areas of your website. An expert web design company can help you properly install website analytics to help you churn out dollars from data!    

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1. Great user experience: It is an obvious but often overlooked. Here’s where you can start from. Know what is required of your website – find information or buy stuff or generate inquires or maybe all of these. If your customers come to your website seeking information, get a powerful search capability integrated into the web design. This is just one example; an experienced website design company can assist you to improve the user experience of your website.     

2. SEO friendly design: This includes your web pages load quickly, people who are genuinely interested in your offerings visit your site and most importantly, interested customers find your site before your competitors’. Optimizing your website design gives you twin benefits. First it’s easier to convert interested customers into sales and second, you save loosing customers to competition.

3. Provision for future needs: Web design goes beyond a graphically appealing site. The web architecture should be designed to incorporate future scalability needs. Integrating content management system (CMS) helps you to mange text, images and videos on individual web pages. You can edit and add new pages yourself, even if you are not familiar with coding web pages. 

The success of your website, however, largely depends on the web design company you choose to work with. Say, yours is a small size firm dealing in fitness equipments in Port Lincoln. Get on board with web design services Australia. Local web design company will have a better understanding of the market and help you design sites that effectively appeals to your target customers.

Well designed website not just enhances the brand identity of the company but also indicates the company’s focus on quality and cares for customers’ convenience. Don’t leave web designing to the last moment. Get it right with a professional website design company.

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Redesigning your website in time can save you from competitors taking away your customers. But how do you know when your website needs to undergo redesigning?

Not sure your website needs a redesign? Here’s a small test. Browse through your site for a while. Watch your reaction. Do you adore the elegant design of your site or do you cringe a little? If it’s the latter, then redesign is on the cards. If you need some more reasons, read on to know top five signs that tell your website needs redesigning.

1. Gloomy analytics. Too many visitors but anemic conversion rate is a typical symptom indicating your website needs a change. Other signs of doomed website are - slow loading, less time spend on the site and huge drop out rate. This shows your customers feel disconnected with your site and are switching to your competitors.

2. Managing web pages feels like a battle. Like an ambitious entrepreneur, you went out to explore new grounds, added new products and kept on hauling in new pages on your website. Now it has gotten bigger than a mammoth and you need to spend hours for making even a small change on your website. Does this sound like your story? Talk to a website design company having experience in CMS solutions.    

3. You admire your competitors’ sites. If you catch yourself admiring other companies’ sites, its time you stop thinking about website redesign, instead just get it done.

4. You celebrated five years in business with the same website. Aesthetics evolve. If it’s been more than a year you redesigned your website, its time to give your loyal customers a refreshing look. 

5. Your site can’t be browsed on smartphones. The web surfing trend is rapidly shifting towards mobile browsing. If your website is not mobile responsive, you are probably loosing out on a massive pool of potential customers. Web design company Australia can help you win customers with impeccable mobile responsive sites without weighing down your budget.    

If you are still reading this blog, it is a strong sign that you are considering web redesign but are not sure whether your site needs a redesign now or sometime later. Australia has long been a hub for spectacular web designing. Consult with an expert web design company Australia. It will be great to know how you can delight customers with all new refreshing experience on your website.  

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