Redesigning your website in time can save you from competitors taking away your customers. But how do you know when your website needs to undergo redesigning?

Not sure your website needs a redesign? Here’s a small test. Browse through your site for a while. Watch your reaction. Do you adore the elegant design of your site or do you cringe a little? If it’s the latter, then redesign is on the cards. If you need some more reasons, read on to know top five signs that tell your website needs redesigning.

1. Gloomy analytics. Too many visitors but anemic conversion rate is a typical symptom indicating your website needs a change. Other signs of doomed website are - slow loading, less time spend on the site and huge drop out rate. This shows your customers feel disconnected with your site and are switching to your competitors.

2. Managing web pages feels like a battle. Like an ambitious entrepreneur, you went out to explore new grounds, added new products and kept on hauling in new pages on your website. Now it has gotten bigger than a mammoth and you need to spend hours for making even a small change on your website. Does this sound like your story? Talk to a website design company having experience in CMS solutions.    

3. You admire your competitors’ sites. If you catch yourself admiring other companies’ sites, its time you stop thinking about website redesign, instead just get it done.

4. You celebrated five years in business with the same website. Aesthetics evolve. If it’s been more than a year you redesigned your website, its time to give your loyal customers a refreshing look. 

5. Your site can’t be browsed on smartphones. The web surfing trend is rapidly shifting towards mobile browsing. If your website is not mobile responsive, you are probably loosing out on a massive pool of potential customers. Web design company Australia can help you win customers with impeccable mobile responsive sites without weighing down your budget.    

If you are still reading this blog, it is a strong sign that you are considering web redesign but are not sure whether your site needs a redesign now or sometime later. Australia has long been a hub for spectacular web designing. Consult with an expert web design company Australia. It will be great to know how you can delight customers with all new refreshing experience on your website.  

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The web surfing trend is rapidly shifting towards

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